Brand Director, Jacki Krumnow

Brand Director, Jacki KrumnowA renowned squiggle, Jacki Krumnow has all the tools to make your brand shine. You need an integrated marketing campaign? Let’s hit all the most relevant sites and bring your brand or product into the spotlight. Need to increase your social media presence? We can evaluate the more important ones and get a weekly social media strategy going. Just need some help with simple graphic designs? I’ve been known for creating some of the best “no duh, Sherlock” images. That’s when you provide me what you want, I evaluate it and figure out how to make you say “Whoa, this looks way better,” and then I smile and say, “No duh, Sherlock.” A classic case, of Directing Your Brand.

So are you ready? Because I can’t wait to start creating content for you through press releases, blogs, video storyboards, and more. Let’s get started. Brand Director, Jacki Krumnow is at your service.

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