Higher Education

Jacki Krumnow attended Kent State University’s graduate program for Public Relations from 2012-2014. Below you can view the relevant courses taken that helped make Jacki into a great Brand Director.

Courses taken in PR:Jacki Krumnow, Master of Public Relations

  • Media Relations and Publicity
  • Public Relations Theory and Practice
  • Global AD and PR
  • Online Tactics
  • PR Management
  • Reviewing Film and TV
  • Cybermedia Law
  • Values and Ethics Management in PR
  • PR Measurements and ROI
  • Marketing Management

Social Media Expert and Web Design Intern,
Council of Elmore, Elmore, Ohio

  • Worked under the orders of the village’s council to create a Facebook page, Twitter handle, Instagram profile, and revamped webpage
  • Created the social media presence to help promote the numerous town events Elmore hosts, but after the Mayor’s unexpected death, the social media was discontinued
  • Helped organize and promote the town’s historical events while working one-on-one with the Mayor
  • Added photos and new sections to the revamped website, all members of the council are very happy with the new website: http://villageofelmoreohio.com/
  • Created the entire new website on wordpress.com with great ease
  • Newly added pages and information on website included: a calendar, events, visit, news, nature, rentals, widgets, and creative hyperlinks
  • Used Hootsuite to have a constant presence on the social media sites
  • Took and edited photos of events, parks, and businesses to post online and embed into the website

Personal Previous Written Works:

Making Sexual Media Better is a paper I wrote during my first semester, while enrolled in PR Theory. I examined how the Social Norms Theory affects the sexual decisions of youths and how movies can help make or break those choices. By doing so, I reviewed 10 Things I Hate About You, American Pie, Superbad, Easy A, and The Virginity Hit.

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Deconstructing Babybell’s “Mall Smarts” Commercial is another paper I wrote while in PR Theory. I deconstruct an advertising campaign for Babybell’s mini cheese.

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In my undergraduate I took a Vampire’s in Film and Television class, my final thesis was on Vampire Hunters and Slayers. I studied why Hunters and Slayers seem to never be believed, are always getting in trouble, and usually are never alone.

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