Looking for Some Popular Press Releases?

A Press Release that addresses a problem in the industry (this one went viral!): Preventing Pee in the Pool

A Press Release written for a collaborative group to save lives: Designate a Water Watcher

A Press Release announcing an event and everything it offers: World Aquatic Health Conference Expands Industry Growth 

A Press Release reflecting on the success of the event mentioned above: Aquatic Leaders Grow Professionally at WAHC 2017

A Press Release encouraging donations: Help Create 1 Million More Swimmers through Step Into Swim

A Press Release announcing a new product: New Edition of Pool & Spa Operator Handbook Released and NSPF Releases Advance Service Technician 

How About Some Blogs?

A Blog on a testimonial on a new product: A Testimonial on Facility Manager App

A Blog part of a campaign known as WAHC Track Tuesday, a look into the tracks offered at an upcoming event: WAHC Track Tuesday: Improving Water and & Air Quality

A Blog created thanks in part to a popular thread from a Facebook group directed to our main audience: Helpful Tips for Organizing Keys

A GUEST Blog where I contributed needed hyperlinks, better images, and content review along with a proper introduction and closing about the author: Air Quality…It Takes a Village

A Blog encouraging attendees of an industry-wide conference to visit NSPF-related events: Top Five Things to Do at the International Pool Spa Patio Expo and Conference

A Blog creating excitement for the upcoming event hosted by an organization: Top 10 Things to Do in the Denver/Boulder Area

I Love Making Infographics!

An Infographic helping support messaging: 8 Tips for Safer Swimming

An Infographic supporting best business practices: How to Make Your Email Signature Do the Talking

An Infographic asking for sponsorships for an event: Sponsor the WAHC

An Infographic supporting a press release (it went viral!): Preventing Pee in the Pool

An Infographic garnered from a previous blog: Top 10 Things to Do in Denver & Boulder CO

An Infographic giving more information on a product: Be the Best Pool Operator with Pool Operator Primer!

Monthly Email Newsletter Are Here Too!

Please note that the links provided here are not full email newsletters, just the main story of a newsletter. Each newsletter was also accompanied with 3-4 additional side stories that linked to a relevant, recent story, with a properly sized image. Below are some of the most popular emails!

June 2018: Alzheimer’s Disease & Brain Health Month

September 2017: Closing Time

July 2017: PHIT America

August 2017: Water Quality Month

October 2016: Natural Disasters

May 2016: Health and Safe Swimming Week

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