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Looking for Some Popular Press Releases?

A Press Release encouraging the application to participate in a design sprint: Air Force CyberWorx Tackles Cyber Talent Management with Human-Centered Design

A Press Release that addresses a problem in the industry (this one went viral!): Preventing Pee in the Pool

A Press Release written for a collaborative group to save lives: Designate a Water Watcher

A Press Release announcing an event and everything it offers: World Aquatic Health Conference Expands Industry Growth 

A Press Release reflecting on the success of the event mentioned above: Aquatic Leaders Grow Professionally at WAHC 2017

A Press Release encouraging donations: Help Create 1 Million More Swimmers through Step Into Swim

A Press Release announcing a new product: New Edition of Pool & Spa Operator Handbook Released and NSPF Releases Advance Service Technician 

How About Some Blogs?

Blogs for Air Force CyberWorx

A Blog interviewing a previous cadet who worked with Air Force Cyberworx: Recent USAFA and AF CyberWorx Graduate Flourishes in New Position

A Blog about a recent win for cadets within a national level cyber challenge: USAFA Cadets Win 1st Place at Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge

A Blog about SAPR working a sprint to better academies across the country: Deans of Service Academies Visit AF CyberWorx to Improve Sexual Assault Prevention & Response

A Blog about a Cadet Team’s Capstone Project: Flight Evaluation App Aims to Reduce Pilot Shortage

Blogs for the National Swimming Pool Foundation

A Blog on a testimonial on a new product: A Testimonial on Facility Manager App

A Blog part of a campaign known as WAHC Track Tuesday, a look into the tracks offered at an upcoming event: WAHC Track Tuesday: Improving Water and & Air Quality

A Blog created thanks in part to a popular thread from a Facebook group directed to our main audience: Helpful Tips for Organizing Keys

A GUEST Blog where I contributed needed hyperlinks, better images, and content review along with a proper introduction and closing about the author: Air Quality…It Takes a Village

A Blog encouraging attendees of an industry-wide conference to visit NSPF-related events: Top Five Things to Do at the International Pool Spa Patio Expo and Conference

A Blog creating excitement for the upcoming event hosted by an organization: Top 10 Things to Do in the Denver/Boulder Area

I Love Making Infographics!

An Infographic helping support messaging: 8 Tips for Safer Swimming

An Infographic supporting best business practices: How to Make Your Email Signature Do the Talking

An Infographic asking for sponsorships for an event: Sponsor the WAHC

An Infographic supporting a press release (it went viral!): Preventing Pee in the Pool

An Infographic garnered from a previous blog: Top 10 Things to Do in Denver & Boulder CO

An Infographic giving more information on a product: Be the Best Pool Operator with Pool Operator Primer!

Monthly Email Newsletter Are Here Too!

Newsletters for Air Force CyberWorx

May 2019: USAFA Cadets Win 1st Place at Cyber 9/12 Challenge

April 2019: Flight Evaluation App Aims to Reduce Pilot Shortage

January 2019: #AFCTM Sprint Delayed, Yet Successful 

December 2018: Join Our Next Design Sprint: Air Force Cyber Talent Management

November 2018: Flight Scheduling App Team Visits f-15E Squadron for Research

Newsletters for the National Swimming Pool Foundation 

Please note that the links provided here are not full email newsletters, just the main story of a newsletter. Each newsletter was also accompanied with 3-4 additional side stories that linked to a relevant, recent story, with a properly sized image. Below are some of the most popular emails!

June 2018: Alzheimer’s Disease & Brain Health Month

September 2017: Closing Time

July 2017: PHIT America

August 2017: Water Quality Month

October 2016: Natural Disasters

May 2016: Health and Safe Swimming Week

A Small Sample of Public One Sheets

Self Healing Drone Swarm One Sheet – AF CyberWorx Cadet Capstone Project

CyberWorx Industry Partners – AF CyberWorx Partnership One Sheet

Moonshot Collaborators – AF CyberWorx Industry Partners for Specific Sprint

Ghost Written Medical Articles

Heading Back to School: Are Your Kids Healthy and Ready to Go? –  DaVita Medical Group, Colorado Springs Living Well Article

Men, Don’t Overlook Your Mental Health – Mountain View Medical Group, Colorado Springs Living Well Article

What is Childhood Diabetes and How to Prevent Type-2 Colorado Springs KIDS Magazine _ Health Notes – DaVita Medical Group

Make it  a Happy Halloween by Keeping Your Kids Safe and Healthy October 2019 Health Notes Column- Colorado Springs KIDS Magazine – DaVita Medical Group

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