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Crafted Project Pitches

While working for Head Choice Inc., I crafted multiple integrated marketing campaigns for both Dime Bags (retail) and Head Choice (wholesale).

If you are interested in learning more about these project pitches, please read the short blurbs below. After an interview, these pitches are avialable upon request. 

420 Giveaway! Win a Trip for 2 – Concert Tickets, Exclusive Dime Bags, and More! – By far the largest campaign crafted for Dime Bags (retail). Dime Bags gave away a trip for 2 to attend a concert with Satsang and meet the band! Winners recieved a 2 night stay in Boulder, 2 free Limited Edition Satsang Collab Dime Bags, and a private tour of the Dime Bags HQ. — This campaign helped us gain more emails, SMS subscribers, social media followers, and a 100% increase in sales during our 420 sale. — Available upon request.

CHAMPS 2021 Giveaway – A wholesale campaign to encourgage people to visit the booth throughout the tradeshow to place orders and keep the brand top of mind, while also encouraging customers to sign up for SMS subscriptions. We successfully had the busiest, best trade show ever and succeeded in our goals. — Available upon request.

Sticker Week 2021 – A retail campaign focused around Dime Bags Sticker of the Month program. Meant to increase sticker sales and awareness of campaign. Once a year, discount stickers back down to $10 a piece to encourage sticker purchases, usually after the half-year mark, and, in the case of 2021, after we announce the prize for 2021, (to be given in January 2022). — Available upon request.

12 Days of Dime Bags – A retail campaign leading up to Boxing Day (a surprise 13th day sale) of 12 different deals that required multiple movingparts and clear communication between the retail and warehouse departments. — Available upon request.

Looking for Some Popular Press Releases?

An Article written based on a distrubted Press Release for Dime Bags (Head Choice Inc.) announcing the collaborative line with Colorado based artist, Ellie Paisley: Ellie Paisley Dime Bags Collab

A Press Release encouraging the application to participate in a design sprint: Air Force CyberWorx Tackles Cyber Talent Management with Human-Centered Design

A Press Release I volunteered to write for non-profit Fins Attached: Fins Attached To Name New Research Vessel After Sharkwater Rob Stewart

A Press Release that addresses a problem in the industry (this one went viral!): Preventing Pee in the Pool Press Release and the Preventing Pee in the Pool Infographic.

A Press Release reflecting on the success of an educational confrence above: Aquatic Leaders Grow Professionally at WAHC 2017

A Press Release collaboration with water enthusiasts encouraginge safer swimming techiniques: Designate a Water Watcher

A Press Release encouraging donations: Help Create 1 Million More Swimmers through Step Into Swim

A Press Release announcing a new product: New Handbook of Pool & Spa Operator Handbook Released and NSPF Releases Advance Service Technician (AST)

How About Some Blogs?

Blogs for Dime Bags, Head Choice Inc.

A revamped press release turned into a blog about a 420 Giveaway collaboration with band Satsang: Dime Bags is giving away a $5,000 trip and concert package for 420!

A Blog announcing the release of three new Patches with a Purpose (100% of sales go to nonprofits): Three New Designs added to Patches With A Purpose

A Blog explaining the details of Dime Bags Sticker of the Month campaign and contest that I helped push to the spotlight: About Dime Bags Sticker of the Month and 2021 PRIZE!

A press release rewritten for a blog about the collab between Dime Bags and Ellie Paisley: Dime Bags Releases Limited Edition Series with Technicolor Artist Ellie Paisley

Blogs for Air Force CyberWorx

A Blog interviewing a previous cadet who worked with Air Force Cyberworx: Recent USAFA and AF CyberWorx Graduate Flourishes in New Position

A Blog about a recent win for cadets within a national level cyber challenge: USAFA Cadets Win 1st Place at Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge

A Blog about SAPR working a sprint to better academies across the country: Deans of Service Academies Visit AF CyberWorx to Improve Sexual Assault Prevention & Response 

A Blog about a Cadet Team’s Capstone Project: Flight Evaluation App Aims to Reduce Pilot Shortage

Blogs for the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF)

NSPF merged with another company, the only blog I was able to save as a PDF before the merge happened is now below.

A Blog created thanks in part to a popular thread from a Facebook group directed to our main audience: Helpful Tips for Organizing Keys

I Love Making Infographics!

An Infographic helping support messaging: 8 Tips for Safer Swimming

An Infographic supporting best business practices: How to Make Your Email Signature Do the Talking 

An Infographic supporting a press release (it went viral!): Preventing Pee in the Pool 

An Infographic garnered from a previous blog: Top 10 Things to Do in Denver & Boulder CO

Monthly Email Newsletter Are Here Too!

Top Tier Newsletters for Dime Bags (Retail)

12 Days of Dime Bags

12 dyas

Black Friday

black friday

Sticker Week

sticker of the month

Newsletters for Head Choice Inc. (Wholesale)

Biggest Restock of the Year (and Then Some) 📦

Brand New Boss Colors Just Dropped! 🙌

Free Shipping On All Web Orders! 📦

Stock Up On Padded Duffles For The Holidays!

Newsletters for a smaller retail brand The Journey Pipe

*Note in email form, the background of the emails are black*
High 👋 Our 420 Sale is Here! 🍃

So Fresh and So Clean 🙌

Weed Be Great Together 💨

Newsletters for Air Force CyberWorx

May 2019: USAFA Cadets Win 1st Place at Cyber 9/12 Challenge

Sadly, the below newsletters are no longer available due to the nature of the United States Air Force Academy, but you can see the title of a handful of other successful newsletters sent out.

April 2019: Flight Evaluation App Aims to Reduce Pilot Shortage

January 2019: #AFCTM Sprint Delayed, Yet Successful 

December 2018: Join Our Next Design Sprint: Air Force Cyber Talent Management

November 2018: Flight Scheduling App Team Visits f-15E Squadron for Research

A Small Sample of Public One Sheets

Fins Attached Donation Sheet – Fins Attached

Self Healing Drone Swarm One Sheet – AF CyberWorx Cadet Capstone Project

CyberWorx Industry Partners – AF CyberWorx Partnership One Sheet

Moonshot Collaborators – AF CyberWorx Industry Partners for Specific Sprint

Ghost Written Medical Articles

Heading Back to School: Are Your Kids Healthy and Ready to Go? –  DaVita Medical Group, Colorado Springs Living Well Article

Men, Don’t Overlook Your Mental Health – Mountain View Medical Group, Colorado Springs Living Well Article

What is Childhood Diabetes and How to Prevent Type-2 Colorado Springs KIDS Magazine _ Health Notes – DaVita Medical Group

Make it  a Happy Halloween by Keeping Your Kids Safe and Healthy October 2019 Health Notes Column- Colorado Springs KIDS Magazine – DaVita Medical Group


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