Jacki Krumnow’s Resume

In the summer of 2013 I worked in the Grand Canyon National Park at the Bright Angel Restaurant for Xanterra LLC as a server. I worked over 40-60 hours some week, and although the job was tough, I did enjoy it. I met many people of all different cultures and lived next door to a wonder of the world. This job built up my endurance for heavy hours, short weekends, and bettering my communication skills with people from other countries.

During my teenage years I began as a concession stand attendant at National Amusements, which was then bought by Rave Motion Pictures in 2009. Working at a movie theater, all though it was low paying, was by far my favorite job that I have held as of yet. I loved talking to people about movies and their experiences and of course the free movies. While there I was able to see campaigns first hand and even participated in a few as well.   Thus contributing to my knowledge of box office sales, and what is and is not successful in sales. It also helped contribute to my realization of when films should be released.

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Click on me!

Jacki’s Resume

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